Thursday, August 27, 2015

Malaysian Food Fair until 30th September - [ City of Dreams & Altira Hotel, Macau ]

 City of Dreams and Altira Hotel are hosting a Malaysian Food Fair with MATRADE until the 30th of September for a whole one month’s time.   Malaysian Nyonya/Peranakana style cuisine can be found in many outlets here at COD in this special period,  wished I could be back myself too.  As someone who used to grew up in Malaysia and spent a few years of time there,  this certainly brings back childhood memories.   I still remember last year when I went back to Kuala Lumpur for a Lamborghini Racing coverage as an Editor for a Magazine on the F1 Sepang Circuit.  I didn’t get around to sample again the local food much due to time constrains.   This time around -  they came to us instead and are showcasing the real Malaysian Food in Macau side.



Minced Curry Bread -
A piece of the introductional Piece on Stage… 
So addictive  and correctly spices.   ~ 9/10


Rojak Salad -
With fried Chinese Crullers.   This was pretty accurate..  Just a little sweet,  and could be more Seafood Exotic in the sauces in the end.   At least it has Peanuts and Cassava in the end.   ~ 7.5/10   

Satay/Sate  Chicken & Beef -
With Rice Cakes,  Purple Onions and Cucumbers,  Peanut Satay Sauce.   This was pretty good to me since the meat of chicken and beef were marinated well but tasty/tender in the end.    ~ 8/10



Mackerel Fish in Sambal Sauce-
A typical Malaysian dish.   Another variation is to make this into a Fish based Laksa soup version instead.   Makes me miss my days eating in Malaysia..   ~ 8/10



Roti Jala -
A local Malaysian spring roll



Beef Rendang -
With plenty of Lemon Grass and Bay Leaves and Curry.  Good and correct..



Duck Soup -
Fairly Medicinal.  Reminds me of Bak Kut Teh tea..    This probably saved my Stomach Problems if you ask me and so correct medicinal …   ~ 10/10



Stinky Beans with Spring Beans -
With but not as smelly as a pure Stinky Beans dish today,  it was was balanced enough.  Stinky Beans proportion could have been more, but thats life : )   ~ 8/10



Fried Clams with Chili -





Young Coconut Juice -
So typical South-East Asian.  

Curried Crab -
I want more of this of course. 


Local Crispy Pancakes -
Malleable at least.  I am not a Sweets Person by default but this looked legit.   : )

Local Malaysian Desserts -
With Pandan leaves and Cassava Roots.  




Nasi Lemak with Pisang Goreng Bananas -
It’s pretty Malaysian traditional for Fried Bananas.


Price:  MOP $200 + 10% 
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  City of Dreams Hotel, Macau.


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