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Putien 莆田 [ Hong Kong ] - Fujian China Food in Hong Kong

 Thanks for Putien and Lee Garden for organizing this Chinese-Fujian Cuisine Dinner, of Singaporean base, It also received One Michelin Star in the Singaporean Edition today.   Sporadically, we become interested in certain foods on occasions, this time around, the meal was planned on the seasonal Fujian Razor Clams. I have fond memories of having Razor Clams in Fujian in China, often stir fried or baked in salt mounds, and gladly I got to experience them here again.

Putien, Fujian Chinese Food Concept arriving in from Singapore side -
Now with 5 Outlets in Hong Kong 

Some Fried Seaweed with Peanuts, Pickles to start off with - 

I liked them

曲氏健康果汁 - A Signature drink here made with Soursop 紅毛榴槤, 

With other seasonal Fruits. Apparently, this drink was invented by a Customer, who ordered two different drinks here and combined them into 1 regularly. Very refreshing and said to be full of anti-oxidants. I also buy this when working in South America for the same healthy purpose.

蝦苗拌頭水紫菜 Seaweed with Mini Shrimps - 

The Seaweed are 'Virgin', plucked from sea bed rocks as the 1st round. Sourly appetizing, very similar to Japanese Mozuku.

九𨍭小腸 Braised Pork Small Intestine - 

This takes a long time to prepare. All fats are removed by hand, and the intestine is rolled in reverse, then marinated in their Master Stock sauce. Very impressed and no guilty feeling after eating them..

冰浸苦瓜 Iced Bitter Gourds -

This was hand sliced and curves up, a knife technique which is respectable. The Bitter Gourds were still a bit bitter yet refreshing... but ice bathed enough.

鐵板鹽焗蟶子 Duotou Razor Clams served on Hot Plate with Salt, 

The 6cm long Razor Clams are Sealed from Upside Down, ensuring the juices don't flow out. This so reminds me of the ones I used to eat in Fujian Province over the decade or so working up there... 

椒鹽蟶子 - Salted Spicy Duotou Razor Clams 

This sounded lovely, and Shell-less.  I expected slightly more Salt & Spice,  also the batter could be more crispier...   Nice idea on paper,  actually instantly inside my head I wanted this to be cooked with Salted Duck Egg Yolks too.

Sand Worms in Aspic Jelly土笋凍 -A typical Fujian cold dish, the worms have a neutral taste and are said to be full of protein.

荔枝肉 Lychee Sweet & Sour Pork -
This is named as they have a lychee like shape on the exterior,  it's a typical Fujian dish too and one wonders whether this preceded the Cantonese sweet & sour version or did it trickle down from up North.... with slight changes of recipes along the way?

花雕蒸蟶子 Steamed Duotou Razor Clams with Wine -
This was the favorite item for some of us on the table.  It was fragrant with the alcoholic input, and cooking them straight side down was smart too..

蒜蓉蒸蟶子 Steamed Doutou Razor Clams with Minced Garlic

The 6 cms long Razor Clams were Steamed to perfection.  In a way,  I didn't expect anything much since this is what we grew up with eating every week.

蛋抱蟶子 Doutou Razor Clams Omelette - 
This was one of my favorite dishes.   The Eggs had a wonderful taste,  and the novelty of adding in some bitable Razor Clams was unique.  Definitely better than putting them on top on a Pork Meat Patty and then charging a Million bucks for nothing..

薑蔥炒蟶子 Stir-fried Doutou Razor Clams with Ginger & Onion
Some Razor Clam dishes were good,  but by this dish I was becoming a little Yawn.  It was done okay well,  however it wasn't really imposing anymore Razor Clams shininess ...   If anything this needed some noodles or Vermicelli,  which we got separately..

風味蟶溜 Boiled Razor Clams Soup -
This is reminiscent of what I used to get in Fujian,  and everyone just shared their spoons and scooped in to share.  With Eggs and now Tomatoes and all...  

金湯莧菜 Amaranth with Salted Egg & Century Eggs in Supreme Stock -
This surprisingly,  was one of my favorite dishes.  The base Stock was made with Salted Duck Eggs,  so flavorful.  The Amaranth veggies were only pulled from the top bits,  meaning only the younger bits were eaten.  Very good rendition,  usually both the Salted Eggs and Century Eggs are chopped into pieces,  here it differs by using the Salted Egg as the base stock.  Yum !

興化炒米粉 Fried Heng Hwa Been Hoon -
With Clams,  Prawns,  Seaweed,  Peanuts just like the Appetizer,  and very fine strands of Rice Vermicelli.  I personally was more interested in the Vermicelli as they are very fine,  And worked so well with their Citrusy Chili sauce.   

黃金紫薯泥 -
Purple Sweet Potato in Pumpkin Sauce.  We thought the Sweet Potato was too strong and needed more Sugar input

酥炸榴槤 -
Fried Durian Puff

黃金京棵 -
This was Caramelized Sugary on the surface,  and tasted like an Alkaline Dumpling.  So lovable,  except I needed a Take Away Bag by now !!   So good!  

莆田印糕 - 

A bit Chewy and filled with Lotus Seed Paste.  There are similar items in HK but this Chiu Chow/TeoChew dessert was definitely unique...  I can't pinpoint it.  It's resting within my Memory banks somewhere, the closest I can register with is the Swallow Nests Puddings...

Price: HKD $300 + 10% Per Person (Meal by Invitation by Putien for Razor Clams Menu) 

Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Shop A, 7/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay 
銅鑼灣波斯富街99號利舞臺廣場7樓A舖 Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR Station
Ph: 2111 8080


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